How Straight Teeth Do More than Improve Your Smile

By Premier Dental of Ohio

straight teeth

Many people assume that straightening your teeth is for cosmetic reasons only.  A lot of people tell us that they feel badly investing money in something that is “just for looks”.

Did you know straight teeth are actually healthier than crooked teeth?  Did you know that teeth arranged in a proper bite need less dental work over your lifetime?

This blog will highlight all of the non-cosmetic benefits of straightening your teeth.

Better Chewing Function

The shape of each tooth is very specific.  With perfect alignment, upper and lower teeth fit together like puzzle pieces.  This precise fit enables the teeth to break down food particles into much smaller, digestible pieces.

Chewing is the first step in digestion, and it is an important one.  Teeth that do not meet together correctly do not break food down into the smallest possible pieces.  This results in larger particles of food being swallowed; it also increases the risk of choking.  When your chewing process does not do its job properly, you can miss nutrients.

Some people suffer from a condition known as open bite, where the upper and lower front teeth do not and cannot touch.  These people are unable to bite through a sandwich or a piece of pizza.

Orthodontics is not just about putting the teeth in line so that they look pretty.  It also involves aligning the upper and lower teeth so that they achieve that puzzle piece fit, giving you the best chewing function possible.

Better Speech

Speech patterns depend on the shape of the mouth, the position of the teeth, and the ability of the lips to touch.  Teeth that are in the wrong position often lead to lisps or other speech impediments.

Orthodontics is often used in conjunction with speech therapy to correct a speech problem.  By putting the teeth in the right position with relation to the tongue, cheeks, and lips, you are able to make correct sounds when you speak.

Lower Risk for Cavities

Straight teeth are easier to keep clean.

Both crowding and spacing create cleaning challenges.  Teeth that are very crooked are difficult to brush and floss.  The toothbrush bristles may completely miss a surface of a tooth that is set back behind other teeth.

Spacing creates pockets for plaque and food debris to hide.  More plaque and food collection always lead to a higher risk for cavities.

Many patients marvel at how much cleaner their teeth look and feel after straightening.  Even professional teeth cleanings with your dental hygienist become shorter and more comfortable.

Lower Risk for Gum Disease

Not only are straight teeth easier to keep clean; they actually attract a different type of bacteria!

Scientific research shows that the actual bacterial strains collecting on crowded teeth are more dangerous than those collecting on straight teeth.  The bacteria found more frequently on crowded teeth are more likely to cause gum disease.

By straightening your teeth, you are changing the bacterial makeup in your mouth.  Because of the links between gum disease and heart disease, this is a true health benefit of orthodontics.

Less Dental Work over Your Lifetime

This benefit is a result of a proper bite.  When teeth do not fit together the way they should, biting and chewing forces over time can weaken and eventually crack or break teeth and/or dental work like fillings and crowns.

By straightening the teeth and aligning the upper and lower teeth into a good bite relationship, the teeth are able to absorb normal biting forces without cracking. That puzzle piece fit we discussed earlier is essential to giving your teeth and dental work their longest lifespan.

Are You Interested in Straightening Your Teeth?

Call your nearest Premier Dental of Ohio location today to schedule a consultation with one of our dentists.  They can assess your orthodontic needs and the benefits you will receive from straightening your teeth.

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