About Premier Dental of Ohio

Why choose Premier Dental for your dentist in ohio?

We are neither a corporate dental chain nor a traditional family practice. We are a small group of like-minded dentists who came together under a common philosophy of premier experience, patient education, clinical quality care, and community outreach.

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The friendly Premier Dental team welcomes new patients
Premier Patient Experience

Dentistry made easy and welcoming to all.

Your Premier experience starts now!

Experience dentistry differently through convenient scheduling, helpful appointment reminders, and a team of caring dentists that are ready to help you achieve healthy teeth and gums for life!

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Patient Education

Informed patient care is our mission.

When you come in for your cleaning, your dentist will create a treatment plan just for you!

Our team is here to educate and answer questions. No patient should accept a treatment that they don’t understand. Your trust is earned through the visual verification of the issue and a sound explanation of the best treatment options.

We believe that you should be able to choose the best option for your goals & budget.

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Dr. Mark Alexandrunas educates a patient during an appointment
Premier Dental uses advanced dental technology
Premier Dental of Ohio uses advanced scanners to capture your teeth and mouth's condition
Advanced Technology

Advanced technology allows you to truly discover your smile.

Together, utilizing the forefront of dental technology and innovation, you will see what your dentist sees. Catch any problem areas before they become an issue and maintain healthy teeth and gums for life!

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Like-minded dentists that put you first

No patient should accept a treatment that they don’t understand. Your trust is earned through the visual verification of the issue and a sound explanation of the best treatment options. Informed care is about patient education and finding the right option for you.

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American-made lab services and dental products

Supporting your care, we have set ourselves apart from Traditional Dental Practices by taking the initiative to partner with Crest, Oral-B, The James: The Ohio State Cancer Hospital, 3M, Henry Schien, Roe Dental Laboratory and Settele Dental Lab. Allare industry leading providers of American-made lab services and dental products.Decades of technical innovations and clinical success have made each a standard bearer for quality and a name you can trust, ensuring that we provide the latest proven science-based care.

Our Network of Partners and Labs are continuously evaluating, rating and grading our dentists and Clinical team after each procedure to ensure we produce a recognizable brand of high quality, in-network dental care. Building with these partners provided us with the unique ability to form the Premier Dental of Ohio Continued Education Group, establishing numerous Clinical training programs at monthly meetings and biannual quality control conferences. Each of our doctors completes over 100 hours of additional training each year, perfecting their knowledge, broad skill sets, and attention to detail while incorporating the latest developments in dental medicine. Your informed care is of paramount importance to us, we believe you deserve full transparency to make a properly informed decision, therefore by investing in our collective education and experience we are always striving to be better for you clinically, to continue to provide world class service and treatment.  

These tools again distinguish Premier Dental from the average dental practice to produce more accurate diagnoses, craft finer restorations, deliver more beautiful aesthetics, and make your experience more safe, informed and comfortable.  The recent culmination of the collective experience, science and education of our partners, Dentists, and clinical team has rewarded us with the unprecedented Premier Comprehensive Exam. Unlike any other dental practice in the world, the revolutionary Premier Comprehensive Exam is specifically designed to prevent problems, instead of solely solving them. That is why we go the extra mile to provide unique services like Oral biome testing, procedures never before seen outside the most elite Dental Universities. Additionally, our aim is to provide you with the exact care you need, this means our Dentists and Clinical staff are not paid a commission or issued treatment quotas.

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