Pros & Cons of a Bonded Retainer

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Learn the Pros and Cons of Permanent Retainers

Permanent (Bonded) Retainer Pros and Cons

Without a retainer, the time you spent in braces and investment you made could be lost as your teeth may shift back to their previous pathological position!

After you’ve achieved the perfect look of your teeth with the braces you’ve been wearing for a long time, the last thing you want is for your teeth may shift back. A retainer is the best way to keep your newly straightened teeth in their correct positions.

A retainer is a dental appliance that is designed with a thin piece of wire made of metal or strong fiber. Your dentist might suggest a fixed type of retainer or a plastic one that is removable. A removable retainer is ideal because it can be removed, washed and reapplied as needed. The drawback is they can be lost or not worn consistently which puts your teeth alignment at risk. A permanent or bonded retainer is secured with a glue to keep the retainer in place at all times. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of bonded retainers.

Bonded Retainer Pros

Less Effort

A permanent retainer means you don’t have to take them off and wear them again every time you eat or floss your teeth. So, you don’t have to worry about losing them or forgetting to wear your retainer.


Being bonded in the back of your teeth makes it hidden and can’t be noticed easily, which is good from an esthetics point of view.

You Can Talk Freely

The bonded retainers will never cause any disturbance while you’re talking, since the appliance is attached to your teeth. 

A Long-term Solution

Your bonded retainer is custom fit to your mouth, so you won’t need to worry about sizing and positioning of the retainer. 

Fewer Visits to the Orthodontist

The bonded retainer may last more than 20 years in your mouth without replacing it or repairing it. However, this depends on how much you take care of them. Thus, you don’t need to make for regular maintenance appointments with your orthodontist.

No Relapse

It’s less likely that your teeth will shift with bonded retainers. A permanent retainer keeps your teeth in place, giving you the smile your braces helped correct.


Cons of Permanent Retainers


Cleaning your mouth and the retainer might be tricky somehow, and if left uncleaned it will increase the risk of gum and even bone disease. Being glued to your teeth may make it harder to floss your teeth with normal tools. Tools like water flosser or floss help clean inaccessible areas between the teeth.


Since a bonded retainer is composed of a piece of metal wire, it might cause some irritation and discomfort in your mouth.

Require Wise Choice of Food

You need to avoid biting on hard or crunchy food, especially in the first 6 months to prevent the breaking of the retainer or loosening the glue.

Uncomfortable Procedure

Your dentist may take some time, about an hour, to attach the retainer. With the removable retainer, it only requires an impression of your mouth.


The best way to care for a bonded retainer is to schedule routine visits for exam and professional teeth cleaning. Call your nearest Premier Dental of Ohio location today to schedule a consultation with one of our wonderful dentists. We can answer any questions you have about your retainer, inspect the bond and provide suggestions for cleaning and flossing with a permanent retainer. 





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