Pediatric Dentistry in Ashville

A dental visit can be a positive experience or a terrifying experience for kids, which can create dental anxiety that carries on into their adult life. At Premier Dental of Ashville, Dr. Yim and team provide a safe, comfortable environment that eases kids into dental visits and strives to create a relationship with your child that eases any anxiety that they may have. We work hard to establish a relationship early with our pediatric patients so they look forward to future visits.

As a parent, we are here to answer any questions you have about your child's tooth development. Our pediatric visits are designed to monitor their teeth and jaws as they grow and catch any potential problems early.

We see kids as young as 2 years old, providing a lap exam, where mom or dad will hold the toddler in their lap while we do an examination. As kids grow and get more comfortable with pediatric dental visits, they graduate to the "Big Chair" for exams, cleanings, and of course a chance to squirt the water jet.

Importance of Pediatric Dentist Visits

  • Establish a comfort level with the dental office environment
  • Become accustomed with a dentist examining their mouth
  • Monitoring of baby teeth, gum and jaw structure
  • Catch cavities early in baby teeth
  • Teach proper hygiene techniques
  • Create a relationship with your dentist

Other Pediatric Dentistry Services

In addition to exams, there are circumstances that require additional dental services are needed. In the event that your child has a cavity in one of their baby teeth, your dentist will fill or seal the cavity. We also offer fluoride treatment to help strengthen tooth enamel. Dental X-rays are also important to see what is happening in your child's gums to ensure teeth are coming in properly and if a tooth extraction is necessary to make room for adult teeth. And because we know accidents happen, we also provide emergency pediatric dentistry for chipped or broken teeth.

Pediatric Dental Services in Ashville

At Premier Dental of Ashville, our mission is to maintain healthy teeth and gums for life, which starts with a positive experience when your child is young. If you are looking for a new Pediatric Dentist in the Ashville, Ohio area that has experience working with children, schedule an appointment with with the team at Premier Dental of Ashville. From the first interaction with our front desk staff to the time with your hygienist and with Dr. Yim, we'll treat your little ones like one of our own.

We are a full-service dental practice, located in Ashville, Ohio, on Miller Avenue, near the intersection of Pickaway St. (Route 316) and Miller Ave. Our facility features plenty of parking on either side of the building, including handicap accessible spots with easy access to the entrance. Our dental practice in Ashville provides expert Pediatric Dental services as part of our general dentistry, serving patients in Pickaway County and the surrounding areas of Ashville, South Bloomfield, Commercial Point, Walnut, Darbyville, Royalton, Amanda and Lockbourne.

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  • Premier Oral Cancer Screening
  • Consultation/2nd Opinion with Dr.
  • Photos & Review with Dr.

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