Bad breath, also known as 'halitosis', is an embarrassing problem facing millions of Americans. It can affect your work performance, social interactions, and romantic life.  There are several important ways your Premier dentist can help you overcome the problem of bad breath.

Treat Dental Diseases

The most common cause of persistent bad breath is active dental disease.  The dental problems of cavities and gum disease both consist of large accumulations of bacteria.  These bacteria produce smelly sulfur gases.  When there are more bacteria, the smell is stronger.  

Patients with large cavities or deep pockets of gum disease are harboring these odor-producing bacteria.  When you see the dentist for treatment of these dental problems, you are removing the source of the bad smell.  Treating a cavity involves removing the decayed, bacteria-ridden tooth structure (and all of the food debris that collected in the hole) and rebuilding the tooth with replacement material to return the tooth to normal form and function.

As part of our treatment for gum disease, your Premier dentist or dental hygienist will clean away all bacterial collections above and below the gums.  Most patients notice an immediate improvement in bad breath after this deep cleaning.

Maintain Good Oral Health

Unfortunately, bacteria are a constant presence in the mouth, even a healthy one.  As bacteria accumulates into clumps of plaque on the teeth, the risk for bad breath increases.  Each person’s home care in brushing and flossing to consistently remove dental plaque is essential to fighting bad breath.  In addition to the work you do at home, you should commit to consistent professional teeth cleanings to maintain a healthy mouth.  

When you have professional teeth cleanings on a consistent basis, you prevent bacteria from reaching disease-causing levels.  With each teeth cleaning, you get a “clean slate”, which is much easier to maintain on a regular basis.  With consistent bacterial cleanup, you can experience consistent fresh breath.

Recommend Specific Oral Care Products for Your Unique Needs

There are certain conditions that may give someone a higher risk for bad breath.  The most common of these conditions is dry mouth.  Without an adequate amount of saliva, which fights plaque and bacteria, patients with dry mouth are at a higher risk for plaque buildup.  The plaque in a dry mouth also tends to be stickier in consistency and more difficult to remove.  Your dentist will recommend or prescribe helpful products to stimulate saliva production or moisturize your mouth.

Some people with persistent bad breath have variations in the anatomy of their tongues and tonsils, which accumulate plaque buildup.  We can prescribe specific mouth rinses and mouth-cleaning tools to fight this source of bad breath.

Tackling Chronic Bad Breath

Don't be embarrassed if you have bad breath. Our dentists and hygienists have seen it all and are here to offer judgment-free care for your mouth, teeth and gums. If you struggle with chronic halitosis, schedule an appointment at one of our Premier Dental locations today. Our experienced, caring dental team will assess your mouth and provide a treatment plan to get your mouth back on track to fresh healthy breath.

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