Overcoming Dental Anxiety

We understand that many people suffer from anxiety or fear when facing a dental procedure.  At Premier Dental of Ohio, it is our goal for every patient to be as comfortable as possible in any of our offices.  That’s why we offer solutions for patients dealing with dental anxiety.

Laughing Gas

Laughing gas, or nitrous oxide, is an inhaled medication that allows people to relax in the dental chair.  It is not a sedative, so it does not put patients to sleep.  It simply removes the feeling of anxiety so that you can tolerate your dental visit.  It produces a reduced awareness of sights and sounds, and a feeling that the visit went by very quickly.  Nitrous oxide is very safe with no lingering side effects.

Oral Sedation

With oral sedation, your dentist prescribes a sedative medication and administers it to you at the beginning of your dental appointment.  The medication does typically cause patients to sleep through their dental treatment.  Oral sedation is safe for most people, but it might not be the best option for patients with certain medical conditions.  It does produce a lingering sedative effect, and some people report feeling a mild “hangover” effect when the medication wears off.  Oral sedation has the advantage of producing an amnesia-type effect, in which the patient does not remember the events of the dental visit, even when he or she seems to be awake.  

IV Sedation

We also offer the option of intravenous sedation, which is very predictable and very safe.  By bringing in a trained and board-certified anesthesiologist, you can truly sleep through your entire dental visit.  IV sedation is a good option for patients with severe dental phobia or medical complications that prevent them from undergoing sedation with an oral medication.  People may opt for IV sedation when they require long or invasive dental treatments.  IV sedation is most commonly used for the extraction of all four wisdom teeth.

Trusting Relationships

We believe that we can help alleviate dental anxiety and fear not through the use of medication only.  We know that, often, fear of the dentist results from a lack of trust.  We work diligently to communicate well and build relationships with our patients.  When a patient places themself under our care, they can relax a little more easily, believing that we have the experience necessary to perform excellent dental work and the compassion necessary to put you at ease.

Let Us Help With Dental Anxiety

Our mission is to help people optimize and maintain their oral health, and we know that can't happen if you won't visit one of board-certified dentists. The staff at each of our Premier Dental locations is trained to help patients who have a fear of the dentist and provide a comfortable, safe, judgment free experience from the reception to the dental chair. If you are putting off going to the dentist, let Premier Dental put your mind at ease and address your dental needs.

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