Your Winning Smile Starts with X-rays

Dental X-rays

At Premier Dental of Ohio, our excellent dentists know that great dentistry starts with accurate diagnosis. Our dentists use the highest quality dental x-ray technology to accurately diagnose the health of each patient’s teeth and jaws.

What Type of X-rays are Taken?

Every Premier Dental of Ohio location uses the latest technology in digital radiography. This provides high-definition images that give our dentists detailed information about your teeth. Our HD x-rays show a clear view of cavities in their earliest stages, called incipient lesions. Catching cavities early gives you the ability to stop them and prevent the need for invasive dental treatment.

These images also show a close-up view of the jawbone surrounding the teeth. Monitoring the health of the supporting bone is vital to preventing gum disease.

At your first visit, we take a full mouth series of x-rays in order to get a comprehensive view of your mouth. Then each year, we obtain a much smaller set of images to continue evaluating your dental health.

Are the X-rays Safe?


Digital x-rays require far less radiation than traditional film x-rays. The air you breathe in one year exposes you to 450 times the amount of radiation as your yearly dental x-rays. The risk for any problems from dental radiation is negligible.

What About 3D Imaging?

Some of our Premier Dental of Ohio locations are equipped with CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) machines for taking three-dimensional images. These 3D images are useful for planning dental implants, evaluating the root structure and bone support of the teeth, measuring the airway and identifying problems in the jaw joints.

If you have a dental concern which requires three-dimensional evaluation, you will be referred to the nearest location with 3D imaging.

Are You Overdue for Dental X-rays?

Consistent dental x-rays can help your dentist catch problems earlier, which leads to less extensive and less expensive treatment. New Patients can receive Digital x-rays in addition to a comprehensive exam and cleaning for an introductory price of $89. If you are overdue, call your nearest Premier Dental of Ohio location today to schedule an evaluation.

$89 New Patient Special

  • Premier Cleaning, Exam, X-rays
  • Premier Oral Cancer Screening
  • Consultation/2nd Opinion with Dr.
  • Photos & Review with Dr.

$210 Value

*For non-insured patients **For insured patients: Free or additional savings determined by your plan
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