Understanding Root Canals at Premier Dental of Grove City

Many people misunderstand what a root canal actually is. At Premier Dental of Grove City, our experienced dentists have performed numerous root canal treatments and can evaluate your tooth to determine if this procedure is necessary for you.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal refers to a specific part of a tooth. Inside every tooth is a hollow space containing nerves and blood vessels, known as the pulp. The pulp occupies the pulp chamber, and the narrow extension of this chamber down each root is the root canal. This canal runs to the tip of each root, where a small opening allows nerves and blood vessels to enter. These components enable you to feel sensations such as heat and cold, and they also transmit pain signals when there’s a cavity or crack. The blood vessels keep the tooth hydrated, preventing it from becoming brittle and prone to breaking. In a healthy tooth, the root canals are sealed and sterile. If bacteria infiltrate this space, the nerves and blood vessels become irreversibly damaged.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment (RCT) is a procedure to remove the unhealthy nerves and blood vessels from the root canal. This treatment preserves the tooth by removing the infected internal tissue while keeping the hard outer structure intact. Contrary to popular belief, teeth with RCT are not "dead." Although they no longer have nerves and blood vessels inside, the surrounding tissues remain active, allowing you to feel pressure and potential pain from issues like bite problems or infections.

A root canal treatment consists of three main steps:

1. Access: The dentist creates an opening in the tooth to access the root canal, requiring precise knowledge of each tooth's anatomy.
2. Cleaning and Sterilization: The dentist removes all dead or dying tissue from the root canal using mechanical instruments and medication to eliminate bacteria.
3. Sealing and Filling: The dentist seals the root's end and fills the empty chamber with specialized material to prevent reinfection.

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