White Composite Fillings

Composite resins, or “tooth-colored fillings,” provide durability and resistance to fracture in small- to mid-size fillings that need to withstand moderate pressure from the constant stress of chewing. They can be used on either front or back teeth and are completely safe. We only use high quality composite materials and believe they are superior to amalgam fillings. Our offices are 100% mercury free.

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Treating Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth can be more than just an annoyance.  They can affect your ability to eat and drink your favorite things.  Sometimes, they can even impact the way you breathe (when taking a deep breath through your mouth causes a sharp pang of sensitivity).  You do not have to just live with sensitive teeth.

The first step in treating sensitive teeth is ruling out any active dental problems like cavities and cracks.  Once your dentist confirms that there is no need for dental restorations, then you can move forward with sensitivity treatment.  The treatments for sensitive teeth vary widely, from something as conservative as using a prescription toothpaste to something as invasive as gum grafting surgery.  At Premier Dental of Ohio, we offer a range of options for our patients with teeth sensitivity.

Prescription Oral Care Products

The first and most conservative approach to tooth sensitivity is using prescription products aimed at fighting sensitivity.  Most patients will have already tried using over-the-counter products before seeking help from the dentist.  As with any medication, a prescription product will be stronger and more effective.  Many of our patients have experienced great relief by using ClinPro 5000 Rx toothpaste or CariFree’s CTX3 gel.  These products work to strengthen the exposed tooth structure and provide better insulation for the nerve within.

Application of Professional Desensitizers

We also have dental materials that we can apply directly to your teeth in a quick office visit.  These desensitizers are simply painted onto the exposed, sensitive tooth surface and provide almost instantaneous relief.  The most common and widely available is a professional fluoride varnish.  When consistently applied to the teeth at regular intervals, patients experience prolonged relief of sensitivity.  For more persistent, isolated cases of sensitivity, we apply medications like GLUMA or Silver Diamine Fluoride.

Coverage of Sensitive, Exposed Tooth Surfaces

Many cases of teeth sensitivity are the result of gum recession, which exposes the roots of the teeth.  By covering these roots, you can replace the missing insulation.  We can do this in two very different ways.  We can place a bonded, tooth-colored filling onto the root, which will cover and insulate the exposed area.  This is simple, quick, and inexpensive.  

Even better, we can perform a gum procedure the covers the exposed roots with natural gum tissue, returning it to the ideal state.  This surgical technique, called gingival grafting, is more invasive and expensive, and it produces a better, more natural long-term result.

Protection against Heavy Forces

Some people experience sensitivity as the result of too much pressure on the teeth, which irritates the nerves inside.  By making a professional, custom-fitted mouthguard, we can help you reduce the pressure and irritation on those nerves.  When you consistently wear a night-guard to stop the heavy forces of clenching or grinding, you can relieve the hypersensitivity of teeth.

Don't live with sensitive teeth

We've seen patients who have lived in agony with sensitive teeth and finally came in to see one of our board-certified dentists. Don't put it off any longer! Schedule an appointment at the Premier Dental Office near you and let's get started on a path to relieve sensitive teeth.

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