A toothache can be a serious disruption in your life.  There are many different types of toothaches, some of which develop slowly and others that hit you out of nowhere.  The most important thing to do with a toothache is see a skilled dentist to diagnose the cause and recommend treatment to relieve your pain and fix the underlying problem.

What Causes Toothaches?

In general, a toothache occurs when the nerves either inside or around a tooth send pain signals to the brain.  Typically, this is the result of inflammation caused by infection.  The kind of toothaches that come from inflammation inside a tooth tend to cause severe pain.  This is because the nerve lives inside a hollow chamber that is completely surrounded by hard tooth structure.  When bacterial toxins cause inflammation, there is no place for swelling to go.  Instead of swelling outward, the pressure increases inward.  

Another reason toothaches can be so painful is the large amount of sensory nerves in the mouth and face.  These nerves readily send pain signals to the brain at the slightest hint of a problem.  This is why even minor dental problems can cause noticeable pain.  While not every toothache represents a dangerous situation, it can be difficult to know which ones do.  For this reason, seeing your dentist when a tooth is causing pain is essential.

Why Is It Important to Treat Toothaches?

Some toothaches indicate serious dental infections.  These infections carry the risk of spreading to other areas of the body including the airway, bloodstream and brain.  In rare instances, people have died from a “toothache” because they did not seek dental care.

Usually, the pain of a toothache is enough motivation for people to come see us.  At Premier Dental of Ohio, we consider it the highest privilege to care for people and relieve their pain.

What Can be Done for Toothaches?

Once your dentist diagnoses the underlying problem, he or she will explain the quickest way to achieve significant pain relief.  In many cases, this will involve the prescription of antibiotic medications and emergency dental care.  When treatment is not immediately possible, you can expect relief from the medications and recommendations of your dentist within about 48 hours.

Because most toothaches come from dental problems, you will need to follow through with recommended dental treatment.  If you do not, you are only relieving your symptoms temporarily.  For permanent relief of the pain and a true solution to the problem, professional care is necessary.

We specialize in Treating Toothaches

The board-certified dentists at Premier Dental of Ohio have seen just about everything, including patients with chronic toothaches. Our goal is to not only treat the symptoms but get you in a routine that keeps your mouth healthy. Our caring, compassionate teams will make you feel comfortable and explain the treatment plan and ask any questions. Routine dental care is important to keep toothaches from returning, so we'll work with you to schedule a preventative maintenance that includes x-rays and a deep cleaning of your teeth. Find the Premier Dental location that is closest to you and schedule an appointment today.

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