Denture Health Part 2: Loose Fitting Dentures

By Premier Dental of Ohio

Options to Improve Fit of Dentures

Poorly fitting dentures can impact your life in many ways – physically, socially and mentally. Finding the right denture fit is important for maintaining good oral health, your smile and eating the foods you like. But when your dentures don’t fit, it can create long term health issues. If you have a loose denture, you do not have to just live with it.  Your dentist has several treatment options available for improving the fit of your denture.

Denture Adjustments

In some cases, a denture can be overextended under the tongue or out into the cheeks.  This excess bulk can make muscle control almost impossible.  By adjusting an area of excess, you may be able to adapt better to holding the denture in place.

If you have an area of the denture that is rubbing a sore spot, an adjustment of that area can relieve the pressure on the sore spot.  This allows it to heal more quickly.

Denture Relines

A reline is a dental procedure that fills in any air gaps between the denture base and the gums.  It recreates the intimate fit between the denture and the gums and improves your chance of obtaining a suction effect.  A denture reline compensates for shrinking bone and gums under the denture.

New Dentures

Some dentures just need replacement.  No amount of adjustment or relining will give the fit you desire.  In this type of situation, you should consider a new set of dentures.  By starting from scratch, your dentist is able to make a set of dentures that fits your gums and bone in their current state.

Implant-Supported Dentures

When you are unable to get the suction or muscle control you want, or you simply want the most secure fit for your dentures, implant-supported dentures are the best option.  Implants provide an anchor in the underlying jawbone to which the denture can attach.  Because this gives the denture a firm connection with the bone, a perfect fit of the denture is no longer necessary.  Even with an air gap between the denture and the gums, the denture does not become loose or dislodge during normal functions.

Are you ready to take the next steps to fix loose dentures? 

Call your nearest Premier Dental of Ohio location today to schedule a denture consultation with one of our dentists.  We can help you choose the option that will best meet your denture needs.

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