Financing Tips for an Upcoming Dental Procedure

By Premier Dental of Ohio

We know that dental treatments can be expensive.  Many of our patients have dental insurance carriers, and the maximum benefits they provide is often not enough to cover the treatment necessary for a single tooth.  There are also some with no dental insurance at all, so they are responsible for covering the entire cost of dental treatment.

At Premier Dental of Ohio, we want all of our patients to have access to the dental care they need.  Here we will explain the options available for financing your dental procedures.

Dental Insurance

As we said, most insurance carriers have a maximum amount that they will pay per year for dental treatment.  Sadly, those maximums are very low relative to the cost of dental treatment.  Regardless of the actual amount to which your insurance company limits you, we want to help you get the most out of your insurance plan.

For that reason, Premier Dental of Ohio is “in-network” with many dental insurance plans.  Being contracted with a dental insurance carrier as an in-network provider increases the actual benefit to you as the patient.  Each Premier Dental of Ohio location has a unique list of dental plans because we try to meet the needs of each specific local community.  For example, if the major employer in a certain town provides dental benefits to their employers through Delta Dental, then we are in-network with Delta Dental.

As employers frequently change their benefits providers, we also consistently update the dental plans of which we are members.  We keep a list on the website, but the best strategy is to call your nearest Premier Dental of Ohio location and speak to one of our great insurance coordinators. They can answer any question you have about your specific carrier.

How to Get the Best out of Dental Insurance Benefits

We aim to help you get the most out of your dental insurance.  Our skilled insurance coordinators can help you with the timing of your dental treatment to maximize your benefits.  Sometimes we can space out treatment over two calendar periods so that you can use twice the benefits.

We also encourage our patients to take advantage of your preventive care benefits through your dental insurance.  Many patients receive two dental cleanings per year covered at 100%, and yet not all people take advantage of this.  By not following through on consistent dental check-ups, you not only put yourself at a higher risk for dental problems; you also allow your dental insurance to keep your benefits.

0% Interest Financing

With or without dental insurance, when it comes to financing a large sum needed for dental treatment, we are proud to offer several financing options, including 0% interest financing.  When approved, these plans allow you to use a line of credit to pay for your costly dental work.  When you pay off the balance within the allotted amount of time (typically twelve to eighteen months), you pay ZERO interest.

These payment plans are very popular with our Invisalign patients who are able to pay out their orthodontic treatment over the length of time they are wearing the aligners.

You can use this line of credit for the care costs of anyone in your family.  Talk to our financing experts about how you could use a line of credit to help you finally get the dental treatment you need!

Discount for Uninsured Patients

For patients without insurance who do not wish to open a line of credit, we offer a discount.  When you opt to pay upfront for your necessary dental treatment rather than file a claim with an insurance plan or go through a credit company, we take a chunk off your total balance.

This option is available for patients who wish to pay with an existing line of credit or credit card!

Other Financing Options

We also have some patients who have a great relationship with their personal bank and elect to open a small personal loan or line of credit with the bank.  The perk to this option is that you will still be eligible for our in-house discount when you pay upfront.

Important Financial Advice regarding Dental Treatment

The most important thing for you, as a patient, to understand about dental treatment is that it can change over time.  Many people put off needed dental work due to financial constraints.  The problem is that they do not realize the progressive nature of dental disease.

Cavities grow.  Gum disease worsens.  The longer you wait to get the dental treatment, the worse the disease is.  The worse the disease is, the more expensive the treatment becomes.

The opposite is also true.  When you complete your dental treatment sooner rather than later, it is less expensive.  By seeing the dentist and dental hygienist on a consistent schedule helps you prevent further dental disease and lowers your dental treatment costs even more!

The cheapest way to take care of your teeth is by having professional teeth cleaning at least twice a year with dental check-ups and x-rays at least once per year.  We would love to help you get into a consistent routine.

More Questions about Financing Dental Treatment?

Call your nearest Premier Dental of Ohio location today to schedule a visit with our wonderful dentists.  We will verify any dental insurance benefits you have and help you get the most out of them.  We want everyone to have the dental treatment he or she needs to stay healthy for life!

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