Need Dental Braces? Check out the Benefits of Invisalign®️ First

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Invisible braces

Do you want straighter teeth?  Braces are one way to get them.  Traditional orthodontics, which use brackets and wires, effectively move the teeth to the position agreed upon by you and your dentist.  But they are not your only option for straightening your smile.

What is Invisalign®️?

Invisalign®️ is the innovative way to align your teeth without the unsightly appearance of metal brackets and wires.  It consists of a series of clear plastic aligners, which move the teeth by putting small amounts of pressure and guiding the teeth into a new position.  These aligners fit your teeth so closely that they are virtually invisible.

How Does Invisalign®️ Work?

Each aligner places precise amounts of pressure in a specific direction to create very small amounts of tooth movement.  These movements add up over time to give the final tooth position selected by you and your dentist.

Each aligner shows a slight change from the previous one.  If you lay all of the aligners out side by side, you can see the overall progression of the teeth moving from the initial state to the final, straightened smile.

What Problems Does Invisalign®️ Fix?

Invisalign®️ can fix most orthodontic problems.  Because the mechanism of the movement is slightly different than with braces, there are some movements achieved better with braces and some movements achieved better with Invisalign®️.  Decades of successful Invisalign®️ treatments show that it is very effective at correcting the following teeth problems.

  • Crowded or crooked teeth – Invisalign®️ can successfully straighten teeth that are severely crowded or overlapped.  The severity of the crowding determines the length of the Invisalign®️ treatment.
  • Spaces or gaps between the teeth – Closing gaps with Invisalign®️ is simple and effective.
  • Crossbite – A crossbite occurs when the lower teeth do not fit inside the upper teeth when they bite; instead, the lower tooth or teeth protrude outside the upper teeth when they come together.  Correcting crossbites is actually easier with Invisalign®️ than with other types of orthodontic treatments.
  • Deep overbite – The term deep overbite means that the upper front teeth completely cover the lower front teeth when you bite together.  

Benefits of Invisalign®️

When you have multiple options for orthodontic treatment, it is important to consider the pros and cons of each one.  The following list includes many of the pros of using Invisalign to straighten your teeth instead of traditional braces.

Nearly Invisible

The material used to make Invisalign®️ aligners is very thin and very clear.  Only with an up close and personal look will anyone else be able to detect that you are wearing something on your teeth.  This is the number one reason most adults choose Invisalign®️ to straighten their teeth.  There is no embarrassing appearance of “metal mouth”.

More Comfortable

Because Invisalign®️ uses tightly-fitting aligners made of smooth plastic instead of sharp braces and wires, there is a much lower risk of mouth sores and ulcers.

Easier to Eat

Aside from the cosmetics, the biggest difference between Invisalign®️ and traditional braces is that Invisalign aligners are removable. Being able to take the aligners out of your mouth means you can enjoy all of the foods you love.  There are no restrictions on what you can eat with Invisalign®️, as there are with braces.

Easier to Clean your Teeth

Unlike brackets and wires that you cannot remove, Invisalign®️ aligners allow you to take them out to brush and floss your teeth.  With Invisalign®️, you clean your teeth just as easily as without any orthodontic treatment.  You do not need any special tools or instruments to remove plaque buildup from the teeth.

Lower Risk for Cavities and Gum Disease

There are several reasons Invisalign®️ poses a lower risk for cavities and/or gum disease.  One reason is the ability to better clean your teeth with Invisalign®️.  The other is the absence of brackets.  Brackets have countless nooks and crannies to hide plaque, bacteria and food debris.  The excess bacteria found in and around orthodontic brackets makes you more likely to get cavities and gum disease.

Removable for Special Occasions

If the aligners are not invisible enough for your special occasion, like a wedding, photo shoot or important speech, you can always take them out.  The ability to take your aligners out is a huge plus to anyone who does not want others to know she is straightening her teeth.

Whiten Your Teeth as You Straighten

The way Invisalign®️ aligners fit the teeth mimics the shape of a custom whitening tray.  You can use the aligners as an applicator for whitening gel onto your teeth so that your teeth are getting whiter as they get straighter.

Are You Interested in Straightening Your Teeth with Invisalign®️?

If you are interested in all of these benefits of straightening your teeth with Invisalign®️, call your nearest Premier Dental of Ohio location today to schedule a consultation with one of our Invisalign®️ dentists.

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