When Adults Should Consider Invisalign

By Premier Dental of Ohio

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The short answer?  Anytime!

The long answer will be the subject of this post.  There are many different factors that people already take into consideration when they think about straightening their teeth.  There are other factors they may not consider, but should.  Read the questions under the Self Evaluation section of each consideration to see if now might be the time for you to consider Invisalign!

Cosmetic Considerations

This one is pretty straightforward.  The reason most adults consider straightening their teeth with Invisalign is cosmetically driven.  There is something about the appearance of their smile with which they are not quite happy.

The range of cosmetic concerns we can address with Invisalign is very wide.  Some of our patients have one tooth that is slightly crooked or overlapped with its adjacent tooth, and that has driven them crazy for years.  Other patients have severe crowding or large gaps in their teeth that make them hate their smile.  We can treat almost all of your cosmetic smile concerns with Invisalign.


  • Does your smile show teeth that are crooked or overlapped?
  • Is there a gap or space between the teeth that shows when you smile?
  • Would you prefer to see more teeth when you smile?
  • Do you see only the top teeth or only the lower teeth when you smile or laugh?

Oral Health Considerations

Invisalign makes you healthier!  Did you know that straight teeth are actually healthier than crooked teeth or teeth with spaces?  It’s true.  Straight teeth have a lower risk for both cavities and gum disease.

While Invisalign is the perfect tool for addressing cosmetic concerns with your smile, we cannot miss the importance of its health benefits.  Properly aligned teeth actually attract a less dangerous strain of bacteria in dental plaque.  The converse is also true.  Crowded teeth attract a more virulent (more dangerous and more likely to cause disease) type of bacteria in dental plaque.

Straight teeth are simpler to clean, helping you do a better job at your at-home oral hygiene routine.  They also collect less food debris and plaque buildup, so there is less “stuff” to clean from the teeth.  This means faster, more comfortable professional teeth cleanings with your dental hygienist, too!

Self Evaluation

  • Do you commonly notice a lot of food collecting between your teeth when eating?
  • Is it difficult to floss between certain teeth?
  • Do you actually just skip flossing because it is so frustrating because the areas between the teeth are too tight?
  • Does it seem like the dental hygienists takes forever to clean your teeth?

Timing Considerations

The title of this blog is “WHEN Adults Should Consider Invisalign”, so this section on timing is probably the most important.  There are several reasons the timing of straightening your teeth is so important.

  1. Teeth shift and move throughout your lifetime, usually getting more crooked with age.

Teeth are constantly moving.  They move in microscopic dimensions, so it is not always noticeable.  But they are always moving.  For most people, their teeth slowly move toward the front of the mouth over time.  This forward shift leads to crowding of the front teeth, and it is typically more obvious on the lower teeth than the uppers.

This becomes an important oral hygiene consideration because it also gets more difficult for us to clean our teeth as we age.  The ability to manipulate a toothbrush and floss is lower, and plaque buildup is usually higher due to a decrease in saliva production.

The only way to stop this process is to physically hold the teeth in place with some type of retainer.  And the very best thing you can do is straight your teeth first; then hold them in place with a retainer.

  1. Teeth become more difficult to move as you age.

It’s all about the turnover rate of our cells.  We know that as we age, our cells slow down.  This means that the same tooth movement may take two to three times as long in a 50 year old as it does in a 15 year old.  Straightening the teeth earlier in life leads to faster treatment and better results.

  1. The sooner you straighten your teeth, the longer you get to enjoy both the cosmetic and health benefits.

Why put off until next year (or the next decade) something that you could enjoy now?  You will never get tired of your beautiful, straight teeth, and it will not depreciate with time.  The sooner you start, the longer you will enjoy the cosmetics of having a beautiful smile, and the lowered risk of having a healthy smile.

Self Evaluation

  • Are you noticing that your teeth are more crooked today than they were in your twenties or thirties?
  • Has flossing become more difficult over time?
  • Do you want the fastest treatment with Invisalign?

Financial Considerations

We know the biggest barrier to Invisalign treatment for many of our patients is cost.  There is no doubt that it is a significant investment.  What is important to remember is that this is an investment in something that will never depreciate or devalue over time.  Unlike a new large screen TV or other technology, the money you spend on Invisalign today will still be worth every penny in 5, 10, even 20 years.

The health benefits of Invisalign mean that it could actually save you money in the future by lowering your need for expensive dental work.

At Premier Dental of Ohio, we accept most major dental insurance plans, and we offer flexible payment options.  Before you rule out Invisalign on the basis of cost, talk to one of our treatment coordinators about how you can make it fit into your budget.

Self Evaluation

  • Do you have orthodontic coverage included in your dental insurance benefits?
  • Would you like to invest in your oral health now so that you can save money in the future?
  • Would making monthly payments toward Invisalign treatment make it a viable option for you?

More Questions about Invisalign Treatment?

Call your nearest Premier Dental of Ohio location today to schedule an Invisalign consultation with our experienced dentists, and check out what other Premier Invisalign patients have said about their experience.  You can also hash out how to fit it into your budget with one of our knowledgeable treatment coordinators.  Now is the time!

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