The Importance of Dentistry as You Age

By Premier Dental of Ohio

The importance of dentistry as you age

Teeth weaken as you age, increasing the risk of dental issues. As a result, dental care should be a top priority in order to preserve good oral health - which is linked to overall health. With aging, our mouths change, but with good care and annual check-ups, we can keep our mouths healthy at all time.

Why is Dental Care So Crucial with Age? 

Every day, we utilize our mouths. To breathe, talk, drink, eat, and engage in a variety of activities that can have an impact on our general health. With the degradation of dental prostheses and the use of different types of medications, there is a risk of developing gum and dental problems.

How Does Age Affect Oral Health?

According to American Dental Association, there are common oral concerns linked with aging:

Tooth discoloration

Some foods cause staining of your teeth. If left untreated, these stains over time can leave visible brownish, black or gray discoloration of your teeth which could be unsightly and affect how you feel about your smile.

Dry mouth

The quality and quantity of your saliva is usually reduced which can has negative implications on the health of the mouth. Mouth dryness can be caused by a reduction in salivary flow, the side effect of medications, chemotherapy etc. This can affect speech, and feeding as well as increased fungal and bacterial infections, which lead to cavities.

Gum disease 

Receding gums could serve as locations for mouth bacteria to cause disease. This, coupled with the reduction in the cleansing property of saliva could result in gum disease which can cause discomfort and tooth loss if left unattended.

Tooth decay

Tooth decay can also occur from the loss of the protective function of the saliva and increased retention surfaces through the use of dental prosthesis.

Tooth wear or attrition

Decades of grinding and crushing food with your teeth could cause them to weaken and eventually crack if left unattended. Frequent grinding and crushing of hard substances over the years will cause the gradual wear of the outer covering of the tooth (enamel). This makes the tooth brittle and more prone to fracture. 

Dentinal hypersensitivity

As your teeth become brittle, cracks can expose the underlying layer which is nerve-rich. This exposure can make you feel a shocking sensation when you drink cold drinks or air comes in contact with it.

How to Improve Dental Care?

The proper dental care to improve oral hygiene are:

  • Brush your teeth 2-3 times a a day with the type of tooth brush recommended by your dentist.
  • Rinse after every meal. 
  • Use dental aids such as dental floss and mouthwashes advised by your dentist.
  • Use of toothpaste containing fluoride which strengthens the teeth.
  • Ask your physician about healthy diet that help in gum healing and strengthening the teeth.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking water according to your physician recommendations.
  • Remove dental prosthesis before bedtime to relieve pressure on your gum and clean properly.
  • Visit your dentist as advised for routine check-ups, cleaning, and management of any dental problems.

The Bottom Line

Dental care should be incorporated into your general health care as you age.  This would will not only ensure you have a healthy mouth but a confident smile.

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