Time for a Spring Cleaning?

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spring teeth cleaning

Spring has arrived in Ohio.  It is a time of the year for fresh starts and new growth.  For many people, it is also a time for spring cleaning!

Spring cleaning is a fresh start in its own way.  You get rid of dirt and clutter.  You throw out things you no longer need.  Often, spring cleaning includes cleaning out spaces that get little attention throughout the year.

The goal of spring cleaning is to achieve a clean slate.  We have the same goal for teeth cleanings!

Spring Cleaning for Your Teeth

Maybe you haven’t had any type of teeth cleaning for many years.  Maybe you have never had your teeth cleaned.

Now is the time!

During a professional teeth cleaning, your dental hygienist performs the necessary work to give you a clean slate.

What Happens During a Professional Teeth Cleaning?

There are several important steps to a professional teeth cleaning.

  1. Cleaning – Your dental hygienist will clean the teeth by removing all of the hard and soft bacterial buildup from the teeth and gums. He or she will use various dental tools to remove the hard buildup (called tartar or calculus) and soft buildup (called plaque).  Your hygienist is extensively trained in removing only bacteria and protecting your natural tooth surface.
  2. Polishing – After removing all of the bacteria deposits, your hygienist will use a gritty paste to polish the surface of the teeth. The goal is to leave any exposed tooth surface as smooth and shiny as possible.  This polishing process creates a surface that is more resistant to buildup by bacteria and stain.
  3. Education – Your hygienist will give you instructions and tips on how to clean your teeth at home. This is the perfect time to have all of your dental questions answered.  What type of toothbrush should you use?  What mouthwash is best for your specific needs?  Are there any trouble spots in your mouth that you may need additional dental tools to clean?  What are your specific risk factors, and what can you do to reduce them?

The Importance of a “Clean Slate”

When you leave your professional teeth cleaning, your mouth is a clean slate.  It is free from bacterial buildup and food debris.  With those irritants out of the way, your body is able to clear up any inflammation or minor infections present in the gums.

Your job is to keep your mouth in a “clean slate” state with your home oral hygiene routine.

To keep things clean, you should adhere to the following schedule:

  1. Brush your teeth twice daily: once after breakfast as you start your day, once before bedtime. Make sure your toothbrush bristles touch your gums, and use an electric toothbrush if possible.
  2. Floss your teeth every night before bed. This step is absolutely essential for warding off gum disease.  Flossing is the only way to remove bacteria and food from between the teeth.  Brushing alone just does not cut it.
  3. Use a recommended mouthwash as directed. Some are pre-brush rinses, and others need to soak onto the teeth after brushing and flossing.  Ask your hygienists for her specific recommendation and follow her instructions.

Benefits of a Professional Teeth Cleaning

  • Healthy teeth and gums – It is impossible to have healthy teeth and gums without consistent professional teeth cleanings. No one has perfect oral hygiene, so even the best brusher and flosser misses areas and needs help.  Regularly getting back to a “clean slate” keeps your teeth and gums healthy.
  • Fresh breath – Bacterial buildup always smells bad. People who have consistent teeth cleanings have fresher breath and less issues with bad odors than those who do not have consistent cleanings.
  • Reduced risk for dental problems – Bacteria cause cavities and gum disease. By removing them with professional teeth cleanings, you are less likely to develop cavities and/or gum disease.  Consistent professional teeth cleanings usually saves you time and money by lowering your risk for dental problems and the need for expensive dental work.
  • Brightened teeth– Polishing removes stains from the enamel of our teeth. Stains are common if you drink coffee, tea or red wine, or if you use any tobacco products.  Professional teeth cleanings consistently remove these stains and leave the teeth whiter, brighter, and less likely to stain in the future.
  • Improved overall health – Countless scientific research studies show an important link between your oral health and your overall health. Patients with mouth infections are more likely to have overall systemic inflammation and heart disease.  There are also links between poor oral health and diabetes, strokes, and low birth weight babies.  Your mouth could be making you sick!

Is It Time for Your Spring Cleaning?

Call your nearest Premier Dental of Ohio location today to schedule a professional teeth cleaning with our wonderful dental hygienists.  You can get started on your clean slate today!

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