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Dental implants are versatile and predictable. Dentists use them to replace single or multiple missing teeth in a variety of ways. Dental implants are unique among other single tooth replacement options in that they replace the entire tooth, including the root.  They can also support multiple teeth from a single implant. For replacing multiple teeth at once, implants can support both removable and non-removable dental prosthetics.  

The strength of dental implants lies in their attachment to the jawbone. Most dental implants consist of a titanium root form that has threads, like a small screw. The attachment to the jawbone is the source of the advantages implants have over other tooth replacement options. The stability of the root form gives most implant patients decades of successful tooth replacement. Implants come in a wide range of sizes to accommodate various needs.  

Dental implants do require surgery for placement, and patients must be medically stable enough to undergo that surgery. Some patients have health conditions that increase the risk of dental implant failure, like diabetes, smoking, and bone deficiencies. Your Premier Dentist understands the various risk factors associated with implant failure and will help you mitigate any that you may have.

If you have one or more missing teeth, you should consider dental implants as a replacement option.  You can check out our blog for more information about dental implants.

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