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Did you know that it is impossible to be completely healthy without a healthy mouth?  The health of our teeth and gums affects the health of the whole body.  Having good dental health is essential to a good quality of life because our teeth are instrumental in the basic functions of eating and speaking.

Tooth health involves protecting the teeth against bacterial diseases like cavities and gum disease. It also includes preventing dental problems like cracked teeth and receding gums. We can maintain great tooth health because ninety-nine percent of dental problems are preventable!

The enamel covering the teeth is the hardest substance in the human body.  The protection and insulation it provides are essential to great tooth health.  A healthy tooth should have a nice, thick layer of enamel covering it, without any exposure of the root. Roots do not have enamel covering them, so they are more susceptible to cavities and erosion.

Even the healthiest tooth is worthless without great support from the surrounding jawbone, ligaments and gum tissues.  Gum disease attacks this tissue and weakens its support in the mouth. Gum disease is closely linked with several serious health problems, like heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease.

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