What You Should Ask Your Dentist About Invisalign

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Are you thinking about teeth straightening with Invisalign? The beautiful, straight smile that Invisalign delivers is priceless! It is a great investment that will never depreciate over time.  

If you are interested in clear orthodontics, there are a few important questions to ask your dentist.

How Long Will It Take to Straighten my Teeth?

This is the question all of our patients have before starting Invisalign. Your dentist will be able to give you a range of time he or she estimates for your treatment. Invisalign treatment for an average adult with moderate crowding takes about twelve to eighteen months. There are two important things to know about how long your Invisalign will take:

  1. Some tooth movements are more difficult and take longer than others. These are also less predictable, so be flexible with the exact time table he or she set at the beginning of your treatment.
  2. Our goal is always to give you the smile of your dreams. You are in charge of your Invisalign treatment. If you are satisfied with the position of your teeth and want to finish your treatment, we will finish it. If you are not satisfied and want to continue moving teeth, we will continue. We will not stop until your goals are met. And we will not force you to keep going when you are “done”.

When Can I Take the Aligners Out?

The honest answer is: anytime you wish! Invisalign is removable, and you are in control.

However, for the best results, you should wear your Invisalign aligners at least 22 hours each day and remove them only for meals and oral hygiene. The perfect schedule is to take them out just before eating a meal. Then rinse or brush and floss your teeth immediately after your meal so that you can quickly put them back in.  

In some cases, our dentists will recommend that you wear the aligners when eating because the pressure of chewing helps move the teeth. If you eat with your aligners in place, make sure to remove them afterward so that you can clean your teeth and your aligners.

Will Invisalign Fix {insert specific teeth concern here}?

There are some specific orthodontic problems that Invisalign cannot fix. These are pretty rare, though, so it is worth asking! You may be surprised by your dentist’s answer.

This question is important to ask so that you have realistic expectations from your Invisalign treatment. We want to perfectly understand your smile goals so that we can help you meet them.

Is Anyone Working in the Office Currently Doing Invisalign?

Nothing beats personal experience. When people working in the dental office have personal experience with Invisalign, they can give you better advice and insight on your own treatment. They can also show you what the aligners look like in someone’s mouth in person, as opposed to looking at photos.

They can tell you what to watch out for and how to minimize any chances of discomfort during treatment.

Will My Insurance Pay For Invisalign?

This question would be better put to one of our dental insurance experts instead of your dentist. But it is a great question to ask!

Dental insurance that provides orthodontic benefits will pay for at least a portion of Invisalign. Our insurance specialists will be able to find out all the details about your benefits so you know exactly how much they will cover.

What Can I Do to Get the Best Results from Invisalign?

Follow all of your dentist’s instructions.

The most important rule to follow is this: If the aligners are not on your teeth, your teeth are not moving! 

Wear them a minimum of 22 hours each day. Never miss a night sleeping with the aligners in place.

Some patients receive additional instructions for techniques that will improve tooth movement. These include using rubbery chewies to bite into or wearing small rubber bands. Make sure to follow your dentist’s instructions as closely as possible.

What Can I Do to Keep my Teeth Clean During Invisalign Treatment?

Keeping your teeth clean during Invisalign treatment is the MOST important thing you need to remember! It is even more important than wearing your aligners 22 hours each day.

Any type of orthodontic treatment increases the risk for cavities and gum disease. In order to reach the goal of a beautiful smile, keeping the teeth clean is essential.

During Invisalign treatment, you definitely have to up your oral hygiene game. At the very minimum, brush twice daily, floss every night before bed, and add a fluoride mouthrinse to your routine. Make sure to keep a strict, consistent schedule of professional teeth cleanings with your dental hygienist. She can help you identify areas of potential risk and the steps you can take to prevent problems.

Are You Ready to Ask These Invisalign Questions?

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